Discover the Closing Secrets of a Seven-Figure Wholesaler!

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The No Limits Sales System

A 10-step system for locking up more deals, negotiating larger spreads and literally stealing deals away from your competition!


The 5 core principles of the N.L.S.S. or what I like to call “the 5 laws of closing motivated sellers and negotiating higher assignment fees!”


3 steps to develop the mindset of a $6-7 figure wholesaler (most people want to start with the strategies & tactics of the sales system, but none of that matters if you don’t have the proper mindset)!


The 5 ultra effective communication techniques of the N.L.S.S. that get sellers to admit things to us they wouldn’t tell any other investor!


A detailed walk through of the 10-steps to close sellers starting with the initial introduction all the way up to the signed contract!


Additional strategies and techniques, including how to identify and sell to the 4 distinct personality types, how to properly negotiate price reductions and more!


You also receive the exact same resources I give new sales reps in my company, including the seller questionnaire worksheet, pain probing questions worksheet and more!

What People Are Saying

What’s the fastest way to double or even triple your income wholesaling houses?

“One way is to focus on working harder either by making more calls and going on more appointments.

Another way is to ramp up your marketing spend, so you generate more leads.

But the absolute fastest way to explode your wholesaling income is to increase conversions and shorten the sales cycle!"

— Todd Toback

Are You Wasting Marketing Dollars?

It doesn’t matter how many motivated sellers you find or how “dialed in” you think your marketing is. If you can’t effectively close motivated sellers, you will NEVER make any real money wholesaling houses.

Click here to Make
One Payment of $497